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Health IT vendors unable to offer EHR support

August 15, 2012
Uncategorized By LW Consulting Inc.

As more healthcare facilities are attempting to meet meaningful use requirements and ICD-10 compliance, EHR vendors are gaining more business than ever before, which reduces the amount of time they have to support already installed EHRs and other health IT systems.

InformationWeek Healthcare reported that doctors and hospital CIOs are receiving less help from vendors when managing their health IT system after implementation. Currently, there are more than 600 EHRs that are certified to gain incentives by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. However, this only provides a nearly infinite number of choices for healthcare consumers and many are left wondering whether a different vendor would have been a better option.

For instance, it is possible that a vendor will not be able to install an EHR system for several months because of the high demand. Or, if a vendor has time to squeeze in one installation, he or she may not be able to provide tech support because of the dozens of requests from other clients.

It simply isn't possible for vendors to provide an affordable system that meets all meaningful use requirements, improves staff productivity and aligns with specialty needs. With ICD-10 implementation just around the corner, healthcare providers will need to develop sophisticated systems capable of handling high volumes of patients and the physician workload.

Experts also estimate that healthcare costs will likely grow significantly and health IT may be one method for countering this rise in expenses. With vendors unable to offer adequate tech support, medical providers should consider adopting healthcare IT consulting services, which can prepare a facility for gaining meaningful use incentives and lowering costs.