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Healthcare consulting services can help facilities integrate new systems

December 10, 2012
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With social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter becoming more popular - especially among younger generations - individuals' personal health may be improved through these new innovations. While electronic medical records (EMRs) ensure that patient records are accessible and transferable, this new option could aid in children becoming involved in their own healthcare.

In order to successfully integrate new systems, medical facilities should enlist the help of a healthcare consultant who is trained in healthcare IT consulting services. That way, all employees will understand the intricacies of new technologies and how they can create quality care.

Officials from the American Heart Association (AHA) published results from a report that demonstrated how social media and other electronic technologies show potential as tools that can aid in weight management efforts for children.

These options provide an outlet for younger generations to connect with each other in "safe and appealing places for peer groups" where good behaviors can be mimicked, according to the authors.

They added that social media that uses interactive bidirectional interventions, coupled with parental involvement, appears to hold promise.

"Initiating and sustaining behavior change in accordance with the values and goals of the members of that social network needs to be the goal toward empowering members of the community to use the strength of their social ties to choose pathways toward health promotion," the report said.

While general social media sites can help curb obesity and unhealthy eating habits, AHA also discussed the importance of networks that specifically target health. The authors explained that little is known about these sites - such as Weigh2Rock - but they are easily accessible.

Whichever way that medical facilities want to reach out to younger patients, ensuring that healthcare strategic planning priorities are developed will make the process much simpler. When all employees understand how to work with these systems, they will be better able to help patients.