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Healthcare IT consulting will help integrate mobile health

October 16, 2012
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Mobile health technologies will improve the management of chronic and acute conditions, according to a recent report from Frost and Sullivan. However, there are still barriers for properly integrating the new systems into medical facilities along with security concerns and no set of best practices.

The Advances in mHealth Technologies survey interviewed 60 executives at healthcare organizations, academic research institutions, software development firms, and mobile device companies.

"As the care system shifts to a personalized disease management system, mHealth can help physicians and other clinicians remotely manage predictive symptoms of chronic illness, as well as episodes of acute conditions in hospital settings,"  Prasanna Kannan, Frost and Sullivan industry analyst told InformationWeek Healthcare.

According to Kannan, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are becoming especially reliant on mobile technology, as the two chronic conditions require monitoring of the patients' vital signs in order to manage their care.

Security remains a top concern, Kannan warned. Over the next few years, though, she believes mobile device developers will garner a more thorough understanding of security breaches and how the systems can be improved to counter the threats.

As this blog has previously mentioned, it's crucial for medical organizations to ensure that they remain HIPAA compliant. That way, patients' data remains secure and the facilities will not be hit with heavy fines.

An area of concern that the respondents had was that physicians need to take more initiative in highlighting the features and benefits of mobile health services and applications so patients can better appreciate their value.

With new systems being created and fine tuned each day, it only makes sense that mobile health technology is becoming a larger part of medical facilities. In order to properly integrate them, organizations should partner with a hospital consultant knowledgeable in healthcare IT consulting