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Hospital consultants can promote health IT value

December 21, 2012
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It's important for medical facilities to keep pace with evolving technologies. Hospital consultants, along with innovative programs, can use healthcare IT consulting strategies to educate staff members, which will help improve the quality of patient care.

Pittsburgh recently launched a new training center, designed to teach healthcare professionals to apply data and technology to improve the quality of care. Called the QIT Center - quality and information technology - it will aid individuals who deal directly with patients, such as nurses, physicians and desk clerks, according to InformationWeek Healthcare.

Karen Wolk Feinstein, president and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation - one of the QIT's center patrons - told the source that one of the main ideas behind the center is to get students from all health professions.

The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is another partner, which Feinstein founded in 1997. Reducing medical errors through data-driven process optimization has always been a goal of the PRHI, she said, along with quality improvement.

Brian Turcsanyi, director of technology and analytics at PHRI, told the news source that the QIT Center will begin offering an ongoing series of 10-week Health Innovators Fellowship programs in February, designed to engage young, aspiring entrepreneurs in health IT. The Center plans to take advantage of the "Tomorrow's Healthcare" portal, as it offers collaboration the Turcsanyi said will be very valuable.

"We try to make it as simple and as user-friendly as we can," Turcsanyi said. "You need to aggregate data and stratify it into care conditions."

Regardless of the specific educational portals that a medical facility wants to implement into its daily operations, working with a firm that specializes in healthcare consulting services can ensure that all employees are properly trained in healthcare IT. With technology quickly changing, it's important for organizations to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations.