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MedicineCabinet Mobile App furthers patient care

December 06, 2012
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Microsoft has been making headlines for its recent launches of the Surface tablet and new Windows operating system. However, it is also helping push the healthcare industry forward, with its NextGen MedicineCabinet, a mobile app for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

The technology giant partnered with NextGen Healthcare to create a way for patients to design and update a list of medications as well as store, track and share medical data.

Michael Paquin, VP of business development at NextGen, explained to InformationWeek Healthcare that the application is designed for more than just further engaging patients in their own care. The app can also provide reminders and alerts and act as a "quick reference medication record" to new physicians.

For example, when a patient starts seeing a new physician, if the medication information isn't yet available, he or she can instead present the data through the app.

"[The new physician] can still make an assessment and make sure they aren't reproducing the same action or prescribing new medications that may cause negative implications to the patient," Paquin said. "It's one more check and balance to ensure the well-being of the patient."

Paquin added that the application will eventually interface with other NextGen products. He specified that the responsibility does lie with the patient to ensure that they keep their information updated. They can even add dosing and scheduling protocols to share all this information with the physician.

With innovations like these happening everyday, medical facilities need to ensure that they are working with firms who can properly train employees in the latest systems. Partnering with a hospital consultant that specializes in healthcare IT consulting will be helpful.

Furthermore, a physician consultant will help doctors understand the intricacies of working with mobile technologies, so that they and the patients can fully benefit from their use.