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Mobile health app developed to find skin cancer

October 12, 2012
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Today, there are more professionals than ever before who utilize tablets, apps, laptops and smartphones on a regular basis. In order to keep up with a hectic work schedule, employees are forced to complete their duties while on the go. Whether it is on a subway, train or bus, more and more people are using mobile technology to either keep up with work or connect with friends and family.

With the advancement of new technologies, it is understandable that the mobile health sector has also grown and found a steady stream of consumers. In this era of digital capabilities, it seems that there is a mobile application that can be used for almost any need.

However, doctors or healthcare professionals who use these apps need to be sure that there is no issue with security, as protecting patient data is of the utmost importance and HIPAA violations or other breaches can cost a medical facility a financial penalty.

The online publication Techcrunch reported on one new mobile application that may seem out of the ordinary. Patients or even the layperson afraid of having skin cancer can use this app to see whether their mole may be linked to a dermatological tumor.

The app is called Doctor Mole and allows consumers to scan their blemishes through a system that focused on the asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolution of the skin problem.

"You can also store images of the mole over time and be reminded every few weeks to check the mole again, thereby ensuring it's not growing or changing," the source stated. "The app works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and is secure so your pictures don't fall into the wrong hands."

When considering adopting mobile health in a medical practice or hospital, it is beneficial to work with a healthcare IT consulting professional specialized in HIPAA compliance.