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More providers seeking assistance from third parties for ICD-10 implementations

December 05, 2012
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ICD-10 compliance is a complex project for many healthcare organizations and the deadline for this regulation is coming up within the next two years. Many medical providers are choosing to work with a hospital consultant to ensure that all of their computer systems are updated and contain the many new diagnostic codes under ICD-10.

A KLAS report showed that most medical facilities are planning on using third party firms, like healthcare consulting companies, when attempting to meet ICD-10 compliance, according to Healthcare IT News.

The report is titled  "ICD Consulting: Roadmap to a Successful Transition," and describes that 65 percent of healthcare providers will be using a third party when it comes to ICD-10 implementation.

"We've been working through all of the other supporting systems," Dr. Barry Blumenfeld, CIO of MaineHealth, told the source. "We've purchased the tools that we need in terms of being ready for our coders to work in ICD-10. [The complicated addition of coding] makes things very complicated for physicians choosing codes and will require a lot of training and a lot of insight into how these codes are different."

With ICD-10 implementation and meaningful use requirements around the corner, the need for sustainable health IT products has never been greater. However, there is still a gap between the abilities of some of these technologies and the needs of today's healthcare workers.

One study mentioned by the source showed that 69 percent of hospital providers allow their nurses to utilize mobile devices, such as smartphones, in their day-to-day work processes, especially whenever there is a lack of health IT support for particular patient care methods.

Healthcare providers that need assistance in ICD-10 implementation and other health IT projects should confer with a hospital consultant experienced in healthcare IT consulting.