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New study says population health can be better managed with the use of health IT

May 21, 2012
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Rising medical costs have brought new healthcare models to this industry. These include accountable care organizations, managed care programs and the patient-centered medical home. Along with these new initiatives, managing population health is a significant goal of the healthcare sector.

The federal government has been pushing the healthcare industry to adopt electronic health records and other health IT products, which has brought more business for the healthcare IT consulting industry. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has even developed a program to give out financial incentives for healthcare providers that meet meaningful use of EHR products. One important factor not mentioned regularly is that health IT can actually improve the management of population health.

Healthcare IT News reports on a new study from the Institute for Health Technology Transformation (iHT2), an organization devoted to bringing technology to the healthcare sector, which details various ways to better manage population health through the use of health IT.

"In the era of healthcare reform, provider organizations must change their traditional approach and embrace new ways of thinking about their mission," Waco Hoover, CEO of the Institute for Health Technology Transformation, told the news source. "They must not only care for the sick, but also strive to keep their patient populations healthy. Information technology is the key to doing this cost efficiently, and automation can enable care teams to identify and work with the patients who truly need their help."

For example, when executing an accountable care organization, a healthcare provider must automate various routine tasks, which include care management and patient engagement.

Healthcare facilities desiring to address population health should look to hospital consultants to provide expert healthcare IT consulting services.