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Ohio hospital leads the way in improving employee health

May 07, 2012
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Lately, employers have been on a mission to improve the health of their staff. This saves the employers and their businesses money that would have otherwise been spent on medical treatments for their employees. A preventative approach to disease is most widely seen within medical facilities. A hospital consultant is often used in creating a wellness program for a healthcare provider.

Wilson Memorial Hospital in Sidney, Ohio has taken on this role in improving the lifestyle of their employees, according to WDTN-TV 2, an Ohio-based news source. With the help of the Weight Watchers program, this healthcare facility is fighting obesity.

Jane Brunswick is one such employee taking part in this wellness program. In Shelby County hospital, Bruswick, a phlebotomist, works in a laboratory taking patients' blood and analyzing any abnormalities. Brunswick has also been tracking her own health over the last three months.

"I have been expecting to lose some weight, working hard, hope it's paid off," Brunswick told the news source.

Every week, the employees at this healthcare facility check their weight and record pounds lost. Jane Brunswick has already lost 30 pounds by implementing the Pro Health Program. This wellness course provides advice on ways to change one's lifestyle particularly how to lose unnecessary weight. Regular exercise and reducing the number of carbohydrates in one's diet seems to give the optimal effect in weight loss.

Executives at Wilson Memorial Hospital performed a health risk assessment and discovered that more than 70 percent of its employees are overweight. Now the hospital boasts better numbers, as close to 170 healthcare workers lost a total of 2,300 pounds.

Healthcare providers that are hoping to fight the obesity epidemic with patients and employees should consider implementing healthcare consulting services.