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Patient engagement with health IT is rising

May 14, 2012
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While health IT is a growing field strongly influencing the healthcare sector, there is one area that has been a bit slower in keeping up with this new technology. Previously, patient engagement with health IT products has not been moving as quickly as the federal government demands. This is why the latest meaningful use stage two requirements provide clearer guidelines and ask for further patient integration within the healthcare IT arena.

However, a recent survey shows that patient engagement with health IT is on the rise. Healthcare IT News recently polled its readers in regards to healthcare facilities implementing IT products within patient engagement objectives. The survey was administered between April 25 and May 9.

The results show that 71 percent of readers feel that IT is a vital aspect of patient engagement in their healthcare organization. For example, many medical providers now use tablets and other mobile devices to engage their patients in their primary care during the office visit. A mere 29 percent of readers state that information technology is not a primary means of patient engagement within their healthcare facilities.

Two years ago, the news source reported on how social media, specifically Facebook, can be used in improving communication between doctor and patient. For instance, Dr. Jeff Livingston created a fan page for a Texas-based OB-GYN center in order to communicate with his adolescent patients. Livingston used the page to educate his patients before their visit.

"I would like to spend not very much time on background and more on the plan of care. The more information we can get to you ahead of time the more engaged you are as a patient," Livingston told the news source.

Healthcare organizations looking to further engage their patients with health IT should consider speaking to a physician consultant offering healthcare IT consulting services.