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Physicians will need to adopt 'lawyer business model' to compete in medical sector

August 09, 2012
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As this blog has mentioned time and time again, medical facilities are at risk of committing HIPAA violations if they do not have security measures in place to protect patient data. It may be a good idea to confer with a legal nurse consultant when attempting to remain HIPAA compliant.

In fact, Healthcare IT News reported that taking on a "lawyer business model" could provide the best solutions for a healthcare practitioner. There are a number of legal issues that medical workers may find themselves committing and medical malpractice lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming.

Many hospitals and medical practices are also attempting to meet meaningful use requirements and taking on a more legal stance in this sphere could provide benefits for any facility.

"It seems like a lot of new work for little, if any, actual gain," Steve Ferguson, patient management officer at Hello Health, told the news source. "So here's an idea: instead of, or in addition to, chasing MU [meaningful use] money, what if doctors started re-thinking how they do business on a very basic level? And rather than reinvent the wheel, what if they borrowed aspects of the very successful lawyer model?"

A major point that Feguson mentioned is that hospital leaders need to ensure that their staff is well-educated in all matters of the organization. So, for instance, facilities that wish to remain HIPAA compliant need to ensure that their employees are aware of all necessary security measures and encryptions.

Ferguson went on to explain that doctors will need to think past meaningful use regulations. Financial incentives from the federal government are not the only means of gaining results from implementing health IT. Doctors will need to start charging for all of their efforts including medical documentation, says Ferguson.

Speaking to a legal nurse consultant can help physicians that are looking to follow all requirements in the constantly changing landscape of the healthcare field.