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Smart sutures able to detect infection

August 28, 2012
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Continuously underlined in this blog is the importance of technology in the healthcare industry, and how the ever-evolving systems are bound to impact providers and patients in many aspects. Working with a healthcare consulting company will assist these organizations in staying abreast of the latest technology and how they will be properly implemented.

A recent Fierce Health IT article described another new device, a smart suture, which will detect and respond to infection, helping wounds heal faster.

First reported in the scientific journal "Small," John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created the suture, which "incorporates actuators, sensors and semiconductor devices onto thin strips of plastics or biopolymers to monitor and accelerate healing."

Rogers told Technology Review that his hope is that one day electronics will treat wounds through electronic stimulation and the programmed release of healing drugs.

In addition, the sutures will monitor tissue temperature and deliver heat to aid healing if rising temperatures indicate infection is developing.

This is only the latest futuristic IT-enabled device, though. Researchers in Pennsylvania, for example, have developed a type of electronic "skin," designed to take remote patient monitoring to the next level. The sensors within the rubbery polyester are comparable to the standard electrodes attached with gel and tape.

Whether a medical facility is looking to integrate EMRs, e-prescriptions or electronic sutures, it should partner with a healthcare management consultant to ensure that any new devices adhere to medical standards and will not endanger patients.

In addition, medical litigation support services can help organizations prepare in case any malpractice suits arise. It's vital that patients and employees fully understand the risks - but also the rewards - that can come from new technologies.