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Texas undergoing developments in expanding HIE systems

December 17, 2012
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The healthcare industry has been focused on enhancing the technological aspects of this sphere in recent years, with more medical facilities adopting electronic medical records and e-prescribing software in order for medical professionals in the organization to be able to access patient information without difficulty.

Hospitals have needed additional help in implementing these new systems as well as gaining ICD-10 compliance and meaningful use incentives. Some have been seeking healthcare IT consulting services in order to ensure their facility meets all federal requirements.

On a state level, more medical organizations have focused on developing ways to communicate and share patient data throughout their region with other healthcare providers. Health information exchange (HIE) systems are computerized ways of sharing data among pharmacies, clinics, medical practices, laboratories and radiology centers in order to better coordinate care, reduce medical errors and control costs by reducing the likelihood of duplicating testing.

EHR Intelligence reported that two HIEs in the state of Texas - Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA) and Integrated Care Collaboration (ICC) - have achieved the exchange of patient information through their HIE systems.

Through this partnership, doctors from 89 counties will now be able to access information through their medical providers. With guidance from the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), the two organizations were able to achieve this initiative.

The Lone Star state is undergoing a few developments within the expansion of HIE systems. For instance, the University of Texas at Austin has opened up a nine-week certification program for students seeking to learn, create and test HIEs.

"We're trying to stay out in front," University of Texas Austin's Dr. Leanne Field told the news source. "And our teaching and our hands-on experiences by design will help students be prepared for the latest technology that they may see in the workplace."