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Verizon provides HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform for storing medical data

October 08, 2012
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HIPAA compliance is a major step for healthcare providers to take when developing a medical practice. This measure means that patients need to have their data safe and secure from reaching the wrong hands, such as computer hackers or even an employee that does not have the right to view their information. However, if a data breach does occur and a medical facility commits HIPAA violations, the organization will be left with a hefty fine to pay off, which often estimates as high as millions of dollars.

This may be why many healthcare providers have not adopted cloud computing sources for storing their patient information. When medical data is transferred through a web-based platform, it is more likely to be violating HIPAA compliance and giving computer hackers a higher chance of stealing the data.

However, Verizon may be changing this, as the company is attempting to develop new cloud-based systems that are HIPAA compliant, according to ZDNet. At the beginning of October, the company released a new program that develops a cloud computing portfolio. The most important part of this solution is that healthcare organizations would be able to avoid HIPAA violations while storing patient information through the cloud platform.

"The healthcare industry just doesn't use much hosting, co-lo or cloud computing. HIPAA wasn't created in a vacuum. Healthcare people have always been worried about security and privacy. We all blame HIPAA now, but it's just a manifestation of what the industry believed. Before HIPAA no medical records were emailed either,"  Dr. Peter Tippett, chief medical officer and vice president of Verizon's health IT practice, told the news source. "Verizon is really signing up for something to show we're comfortable with security."

When it comes to storing, managing and sharing healthcare data and remaining HIPAA compliant, providers may need to partner with a medical billing consultant.