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Virgin HealthMiles releases new product for tracking employee health

May 11, 2012
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Recently, employers have had a strong interest in improving the health of their workers, thereby giving employees more incentive to work at a company offering superior health benefits. Hospital consultants are urging the spread of wellness programs and a preventative approach to healthcare.

At times, health IT can offer employers a means of monitoring their workers' health. For example, the venture capital organization Virgin HealthMiles released a new platform through their mobile devices capable of reporting biometric health data, according to eWeek. The spring 2012 version can track employee health, enable analysis of the data and gather the data in real-time, thereby influencing the behavior of employees.

Virgin HealthMiles also provides wellness programs for businesses to incorporate. This mobile application was first released on April 24, 2009 and it offers an extra way for business owners to track their employees. The spring 2012 enables executives to study possible health patterns at their company as well as distinct health risks such as specific cancers or heart disease.

Also, the physical activity of employees across the departments can be tracked, which is an important feature as exercise is known to prevent all sorts of medical conditions including high cholesterol, breast cancer and stroke.

This product has expanded biometric screenings and a health assessment feature. It allows employees to compete against each other through a gaming system.

"We want to provide a health and productivity engagement platform for employers to create a unified cross-platform experience to help employees build an awareness and a stronger culture," Tom Abshire, senior vice president of products, marketing and member engagement for Virgin HealthMiles, told the news source.

When looking to improve employee or patient health through innovative mobile technologies, speaking to a hospital consultant offering healthcare IT consulting services would be a wise decision.