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Voice recognition software is new wave of EHR

October 29, 2012
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Electronic health records (EHRs) have been pushed to the forefront of medical technology, becoming more integrated in healthcare facilities and evolving on a regular basis. Hospital consultants who are trained in healthcare IT consulting services have been kept busy, as they try to ensure that organizations successfully implement new systems and employees are properly trained.

One aspect of EHRs that is changing is the ability for doctors to use speech recognition software. Epic and Cerner healthcare providers are using technology from Nuance Communications to integrate mobile voice-enabled software into medical organizations, which would allow physicians to dictate into their iPads or iPhones - not just desktops or laptop computers.

Nuance's cloud-based speech recognition program - which is already installed in the medical facilities' EHRs - will let doctors speak into the mobile device and have the machine-transcribed text pop up in the correct section of their EHR, reported InformationWeek Healthcare.

According to a Nuance press release, an application for the iPhone and software for the iPad will allow physicians to connect to Nuance's cloud-based server via an interface with users' desktop EHRs.

"This connectivity will provide maintenance-free access and automatic updates of personal speech profiles, medical vocabularies and user-defined shortcuts. Customers can also enter progress notes, histories and physical exams via voice," the announcement said.

Joe Petro, senior vice president of R&D for Nuance's healthcare division, told the news source that Nuance's platform is "form factor neutral," which means that Android, iOS or other mobile and desktop devices can use the software.

While integrations like voice recognition software can streamline patient care, it's important for medical facilities to still keep safety a top priority. Even when the technology has had all kinks ironed out, providers should partner with a healthcare IT consultant to ensure that integration runs as smoothly as possible.