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Update: Changes Made to Pennsylvania MA-11 Cost Report Form

January 16, 2019
Reimbursement By Jennifer Matoushek, Senior Consultant

It’s hard to believe 2018 has ended and with this comes a change to the PA MA-11 Form. The changes will affect all Medicaid Cost Report Providers with a year ending of December 31, 2018 and after. Schedules impacted include: Certification Schedule, Schedule B and Validation Table. 

Certification Schedule:

  • The Description of Document in Certification Schedule, PART II, Line 2a was changed to read:

If your facility is affiliated with another entity through ownership, management or contractual agreement submit a listing of the components of the entire entity. If the entity files a Medicare Home Office cost report, the Medicare Home Office report and the intermediary audit report with adjustments must be submitted with the MA-11, at audit, or when available.

Schedule B: 

A new column in Schedule B has been inserted between columns C and D: NURSING FACILITY MA HEALTHCHOICES.

  • What was column D is now column E, column E is now column F and so forth.
  • Schedule B, column B heading now reads “NURSING FACILITY MA FEE‐FOR‐SERVICE”
  • Schedule B, column C heading now reads NURSING FACILITY MA COMMUNITY HEALTHCHOICES
  • Schedule B, column E heading (formerly column D) now reads NURSING FACILITY MA LIFE

Below are the before and after snippets of the changes:




MACostReport2 Note: Items noted in red are the changes that will take place moving forward.

Standard File Validation Table:

Providers will also see changes to the Standard File Validation Table. The following changes include:

  • A new column D has been added to Validations for Schedule B
  • The Description of Cost Report Element for Schedule B, columns B, C and E have been changed to match the column headings on Schedule B in the Appendix
  • The validation for Schedule C, column F, lines 1-8, 10-11, and 13-32 has been changed to read “Must be  >= 0. Column D + E must = column F.”


C1F Available cost Column D + E must = column F.
C2F Available cost Column D + E must = column F.



C2F Available cost Must be >=0. Column D + E must = column F.
C3F Available cost Must be >=0. Column D + E must = column F.
  • The Sequence # column is updated to reflect the addition of the new column in Schedule B
  • The Description of Document on Schedule C, line 40, column A was changed to read:

Schedules to support an entry of other than blank or zero on Schedule C, line 40. Submit a reconciliation of the gross wages reported on the MA-11 to the gross wages reported on the payroll registers net of the accruals and reconciling entries. Suggested format for salary reconciliation is located on Pennsylvania’s NFRP website:


If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Jennifer Matoushek, Senior Consultant, at 717.213.3130 or

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