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LW Consulting, Inc. provides comprehensive revenue integrity and compliance support.

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Reduce your risk with a revenue integrity review from LW Consulting, Inc.

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Why You Should Partner with LW Consulting, Inc. for Your Next Transaction

dreamstime_xl_35323262.jpgFailure to objectively assess revenue stream integrity can result in compliance nightmares. As you look for ways to achieve your goals, it's important to work with a consultant that has your best interests in mind. 

The trusted experts at LW Consulting, Inc. will guide you through every step—eliminating wasted time, errors, and confusion that may arise if you decide to go at it alone. Working with us will ensure you are getting the best value possible from experts you can trust. Our auditors are certified professionals with experience in transaction support.

Our experts will help you:

  • ✓   Weigh the pros and cons of a stock vs. an asset sale transaction.
  •   Identify compliance factors to help you make informed decisions.
  •    Understand the level of risk associated with a transaction.

In today's high regulatory environment, you can't afford to overlook the importance of conducting a revenue integrity review.

LW Consulting, Inc. is a one-stop source for all your compliance needs. From transaction support to clinical documentation auditing, compliance plan development, education, training and mentoring, we provide a broad array of health care consulting services. 

Click below or call Harriett Wall, Senior Director and Chief Compliance Officer at 207-613-2992. You may also email hwall@lw-consult.com to learn more.