LW Consulting has partnered with Blue Sky Power, a leader in the energy field. This strategic partnership enhances our client’s ability to operate their facilities with reduced energy costs and improved energy infrastructure. Blue Sky Power finances, owns and operates institutional infrastructure, relieving our clients of the financial burden of replacing aging and outdated equipment.

Many of our clients have faced the financial impact of large capital projects which limits their ability to spend their finances elsewhere. Blue Sky Power will work alongside our clients to replace aging infrastructure, taking on the financial burden. Additionally, they will help negotiate the lowest electrical and natural gas prices, through reverse auctions with national energy suppliers. With reductions in capital costs and reduced energy bills our clients can focus their spending to improve the day to day lives of their residents.

Blue Sky Power also offers advisory consultation services. They will work with your facility to create an Energy Master Plan, moving your company forward to individual energy goals. Whether you are looking to move to a cleaner source of power or update an aging piece of equipment, Blue Sky Power is equipped to help you.

LW Consulting and Blue Sky Power can help you with:

  • Energy Infrastructure
    • Microgrids
    • Cogeneration/CHP
    • Solar
    • Fuel Cells
  • Advisory
  • Energy Procurement

Contact us to see how we can enhance your energy program and reduce your energy costs.