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About LW Consulting's Therapy Resource Partners Program

Each year, healthcare providers enter into settlements to resolve false claims allegations for inappropriate therapy billing, some including multi-year Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Office of Inspector General (OIG), and the Department of Justice (DOJ) hold facilities responsible for the rehabilitation services they provide.

Whether your facility has an in-house therapy department or outsources contract therapy services, quality care, adequate staffing, and regulatory expertise is vital to your company’s financial success. LW Consulting, Inc. employs a seasoned team of therapists, nurses, auditors, data analysts and operational consultants capable of meeting the strategic, operational and educational needs of skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab facilities, outpatient therapy clinics, home health agencies, and regional directors.

  • Does your therapy staff have the clinical, regulatory and coding expertise needed to support your program's services?
  • Does your documentation clearly demonstrate delivery of skilled, reasonable and necessary services?
  • Does your documentation accurately reflect the intensity and complexity of the billed services?
  • How effective is the communication between your therapy team, business office  and other clinical departments?
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Program Overview

Changes in therapy practices, coupled with changes in the regulatory environment, require the expertise of trained and experienced professionals. When you partner with LW Consulting, Inc. through our unique Therapy Resource Partners Program, we will help set you on the path towards delivering optimal value and quality care to the patients you serve.

You will receive one-on-one guidance and resources to:

  • Implement best practices for therapy program operations
  • Maintain compliance in an industry that is constantly changing
  • Ensure coding practices comply with Medicare Conditions of Payment
  • Effectively appeal claim denials

Therapy Resource partners reap superior outcomes through our proven partnership solutions, including:

  • Direct support to in-house rehab program managers, therapy managers, clinic owners and directors, home health rehab managers, and/or regional staff
  • Regularly scheduled calls to discuss operations, including staffing, patient care, efficiency challenges and areas of opportunity
  • Monthly call to review critical performance areas as determined for your needs
  • Bi-monthly Therapy Advisory Sheet with updates on regulations and specific information for your area of specialty
  • Two hours per month for Q&A and personalized operations support
"We have seen increases in the RUG days and also the CMI. This has increased our financial performance and we are pleased with the Therapy Resource Partners Program."

Sam Zaffuto, Executive Director Christ the King Manor


Client Success Story

After completing a detailed therapy systems assessment for Christ the King Manor, we identified areas of concern related to therapy documentation and capture of minutes on the Minimum Data Set.

Through partnership with Christ the King Manor, we were able to:

  • Increase therapy productivity
  • Implement better tracking of therapy related metrics
  • Meet educational and training objectives of therapy staff
  • Appropriately capture RUG and CMI score for the facility
  • Appropriately capture an additional 6% in Medicare Part A revenue and an additional 29% in Part B revenue.